joep krijnen

TV director Joep Krijnen

until 1980

I was a member of various rock groups, writing lyrics, singing, and playing drums. We played clubs nationwide, as well as in Germany. The emphasis was on symphonic rock. Later I was among the first to write rock songs in the Dutch language.


In 1980 I began working as a video-editor for Almere-based Cinevideogroep. During that period I collaborated with a number of directors, familiarizing myself with ideas and visions on programme making. It was also a period in which I could test an increasing number of ideas to the insights of the programme makers with whom I worked, building up to a moment where I decided to apply myself to directing and designing for television.


In 1985 I established myself as an independent programme maker/director. Since then I have directed and designed a large number of productions, both single-camera and multi-camera. In addition, until 1990 I have been asked to edit commercials on a regular basis.

since 1990

I have a broad range of professional interests, although there is an increasing emphasis in my work on programmes of an informative and cultural nature.
This site should give you a reliable impression of my work. A selection from the various projects in which I have participated in the past twenty three years.





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