joep krijnen

1994 Directing projects (selection)

ERGENS IN DE VERTE (Somewhere in the distance) (VARA)

Recording of theatre show by the comedian Youp van 't Hek.
The show also includes the beautiful song "Alzheimer".
Recorded June 10-11, at the Groningen Stadsschouwburg.


Discussion programme for PTT Telecom executive staff, recorded in Studio 1 of Hilversum-based Cinevideo Corp. Motivational / training programme within the framework of the Tour de France, presented by Gerrie Kneteman and Karel van de Graaf.

BEDEVAARTEN IN EUROPA (Pilgrimages in Europe) (Palm Producties/KRO/BRT)

Documentary series in twelve episodes on European places of pilgrimage.
Rather than on the place itself, the emphasis is on the pilgrim and his journey.


Recording of theatre show by the comedian Bert Visscher.
A circus manager touting desperately for a hopelessly outdated circus.
Recorded May 20-21, at the Groningen Stadsschouwburg.

NACHTSALON (Night parlour) (VPRO)

Series of talkshows on books, in which the host Michaƫl Zeeman talks with authors about their most recent publications.

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