joep krijnen

1996 Directing projects (selection)


Two fifty-minute shows featuring young and talented comedians.
Hosted by Tom de Ket and George van Houts.
Recorded August 30-31, at Kunstmin Theatre, Dordrecht.

ZOMER-TV (Summer TV) (Palm Plus Producties/Wereldomroep)

Setting up the Wereldomroep Satellite Channel.
Direction of Studio NL, the channel's news background show.

BEDEVAARTEN IN EUROPA (Pilgrimages in Europe) (Palm Plus Producties/KRO/BRT)

Documentary series in twelve episodes on European places of pilgrimage.
Rather than on the place itself, the emphasis is on the pilgrim and his journey.

URBINO (Palm Plus Producties)

Pilot of a travelogue programme. Series of quests for Italian culture, in the broadest sense of the word.
In less familiar Italian locations the music serves to facilitate the conveying of cultural information to the viewer.

FIJNE NUANCES (Devil in the Details) (VARA)

Recording of theatre show by Bert Visscher, in which he waits in vain for true love to come.
Recorded June 7-8, at the Stadsschouwburg Theatre, Groningen.

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